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Updated: Nov 11, 2021


God has always existed, He/She exists now and He/She will always exist in the future. Do not pray; prayers are weaknesses in wishing things that things go right for you. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride they say. Ask Him for help when you are desperate only. Ask Him/Her for help in devotional surrender to God. But remember God only helps those who help themselves. So be positive, strong and set good and great things for your individual mission. That is the key to being blessed by God in what you do and how you fare in life. One therefore needs to work hard, be devoted to family and friends and one’s community, and it is ignorance to do ritualistic puja because God lies hidden in our psyche so know exactly what a person is thinking all the time. Without God raise in our mind a person’s life is a machine and meaningless.

Why are am happy? Because I have no problems. I have handled all my problems impeccably and God had a major part to play in that if not the full part in the whole course of my life and even before I was born by coming into my family structure of Dr Gopinath Panigrahi and Mrs Shantilata Panigrahi. I inherited my large prostate from my father who needed an operation to have it reduced when he came to England in 1973. And that with the prostate specific antigen played a significant role in my medical assessment together with the history of mental illness which had led to my mother committing suicide and my brother Devananda being diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic which got me the medical cover to withstand the persecution in this country or I would have long since been sent to the prison for being a truth-seeker in a secretive Police State of the United Kingdom to uncover its hidden Constitution that no one knew anything about. And my marriage to my wife of impeccable taste and hard work to make the journey possible was itself arranged by God operating through my wife’s psyche I presume.

There are no avatars other than purnavatars of Sri Krishna as Lord Vishnu in the Trimurti and in this regard only Krishna of the Mahabharatta and Ram of the Ramayana were those incarnations in history. If Gautama Buddha is regarded as an avatar, He would have been a Brahmoavatar, that is of Lord Brahma. There would be millions of Brahmoavatar as this is the highest level of sattvic guna consciousness and is genuinely goodness-incarnate. My wife and I are both purnavatar although she does not know it and due to the bad things she has had to suffer with a husband like me she calls herself an atheist. There would have been no avatars of Lord Shiva as he is evil-incarnate, that is Satan, and all the tamasic predators of humanity and wildlife fall into that category. The term avatar is restricted to divine attributes. My wife and I being rajasic are semi-divine only. Our daughter is sattivic, she is so much of a softie and very caring.

Am I the prophesised Kalki avatar: No I am not: I am just a Maharishi of Hinduism, full of knowledge and I put it to benevolent purposes totally philanthropically as a yogi.

What is the speculation for the state of the Planet Earth in relation to Climate Change then: with my firm belief as set out here, I am very optimistic that solutions will emerge and that we would have a habitable planet in a 100 years time if not longer. How will it happen: it remains to be seen. I have no knowledge or prophecies to make on that.


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