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Updated: Oct 21, 2021


Hinduism is a very distinct level of thought, so comprehensive and detailed that one only appreciates it more and more when one’s life journey as a householder takes one through the challenges and trials that are part and parcel of navigating the reality.

My journey has taken me through those considerations and the sequential developments over the adulthood has shown it to contain all there is to know on how one can attain peace and security in liberty if one is open-minded and honest in all one’s dealings with society. The crux of Hinduism is satya and dharma, that is truth at all costs and duties and responsibilities at all costs. From an early childhood I was brought up with the prayer to God to take me along the path of truth and dharma and for that bhakti in devotion I had surrendered to God in what Divyaji has discussed as self-surrender. The Bhagavad Gita remains the most essential component of our Hindu shastra and once one has seen that Godly things come to those who have surrendered in bhakti it is just a question of then waiting and seeing what the fruits of that labour are.

My struggle for the truth otherwise known as satya-graha began in a small way but it grew and grew to the point that nirvana, that is the nirguna Reality of Shunyata was experienced in the end. Once this truth was discovered I had to come down to Earth and live a normal life with my family in isolation from society for the British or should I say non-Hindus will never in a million years fathom the importance of peace of mind through karma in sanatan dharma that is the promised land where all truths are known and dharma is preserved along with truth. It takes a life-times study from no-information other than anecdotal sayings and mantras that I accepted as something genuine to form the basis of my life, for I never left any stone unturned through my interactions with humanity national and global. Every little bit of dream, every vision, every utterances, every written words formed part of the swadhyay, or self-examination during the process of this discovery of Hinduism.

The 24 year saga started with just one accusation on me, that I had tried to secure project funds in the Natural Resources Institute under false pretences, and I reacted against that as if my very essence had been called into question. I retaliated questioningly and the perpetrator of the deceivers was exposed, when I then wrote that I did not need to do anything further to protect my reputation in the Institute or outside. So the State of the United Kingdom wanted to get rid of me into destitution. Then the dharmayudha began for real, all of which are detailed in my 15 books for anyone to go through and examine.

God was only a thought and in a foreign land I had no one else to turn to for help, so asked God to give me His Trishul believing that it was Shiva who was the Entity that had given me those visions and utterances that formed the fundamental reasons for abandoning my scientific career to go in search for better things, to move on to higher things from the noddy work of laboratory-based science as I had prophetically written to my colleagues whilst still in the Institute.

I had to maintain my family as I had always regarded my marital vows around the pinda fire in Bhubaneswar Odisha as sacred taken in front of God, so the struggle was intense to keep afloat. I had to have God reveal Himself to me in no uncertain manner, and this is when I started experimenting with a digital clock after reading the book Star Signs by Linda Goodman which discussed numerology discovered by the Jews it would appear. And I do believe that God responded and said to me that just because I had approached Him through the clock-checking mechanism He had come to me through this implement to assist me in my struggle to save my reputation, my dharma and truth. So I discovered one-ness and separateness with God in what I called the manifestation of Achintya Bhed Abheda Tatwa. I fought the UK State incessantly by taking out unending litigation in criminal and civil courts of all the people to expose finally the Constitution of the United Kingdom as being what I considered to be a nation of atheistic morons with no idea of spirituality.

But more importantly, I discovered all kinds of truths about Hinduism from self discovery not having studied the shastras and with no one to guide me except the knowledge that I was acquiring and building in my mind while struggling hard to survive in the United Kingdom itself for I never wished to return to India with my tail in between my legs. I had repeatedly said that life would not be worth living in such a cowardly manner as I realised that no one would benefit from this realisation, and the Indian government itself ignored me and my plight here in the United Kingdom after repeated asylum applications over those 24 years. I had to use my rationalism to perfection in avoiding both the prison and the mental hospital following the bitter lessons of 2004 and 2008 when the State incarcerated me for 3 months and 1 month respectively for the dharmaydudha that I had mounted to rubbish the State into the dustbin of history by punching the final nail in the coffin in taking the Prime Minister to Court under Claim E35YM660 where a Court Fee of £100 has been paid to appeal its decision and the Courts are unable to move. All these are published in my websites and in my 15 books so available in the public domain of the Court of public Opinion to get myself judged by humanity.

I was very conscious of the fact that God had left me half-way to find my own path in life especially after 2014, and I believe that He did so intentionally to get me to assess Hinduism and find out the truths of Hinduism for myself. The question in my mind was would I live long enough to see this day. So I adopted an experimental strategy where time was of the essence. I hypothesised that everything in the universe is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated and so the greatest devotion in bhakti that I could display to God in my own mind was to formulate non-attachment to all wishes, karma, objectives, plans, missions, hopes, anticipations, expectations and other desires, and thereby getting rid of my ego by constantly reminding myself that I might easily fall victim to the delusions of grandeur in what I was in the process of achieving in my life; and seek my fate by acting nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly every moment of the day to deal with everything that I needed to perform some action on, and that this would then constitute my karma in sanatan dharma. So bhakti never left me after the initial years of depression that I resulted from my failed asylum applications and being Sectioned under the Mental Health Act in 2004 when disgruntled with God I became an atheist for a few years. But it got revived by God taking an interest in me again to reawaken my struggle and I found out how to survive in this God-forsaken land with a survival instinct which meant that I was never again incarcerated in a mental hospital or worse in a prison cell much as the State tried to do so incessantly though concocted charges.

I had spent after the 2008 release from the mental hospital hours on the computer in countless Internet Forums as the source of basic education to complement what I knew of Science from the 18 years that I was a scientist at the Natural Resources Institute. I maintained a detailed moment by moment Diary of every bit of thought and actions that I had undertaken from day one in 1998, such was my bhakti that I was chosen by God for a mission the nature of which was not clear and is still not clear, only time will tell when these diaries are evaluated by wider humanity. In 2010, I was fortunate enough find myself with a versatile Blog that I entitled ‘Towards Knowledge for World Conservation’ at; which published every communication that I had had with the authorities of the State and all the knowledge that I was distilling from my visits to the Internet Forums. I asked God whether this was my mission but He was not answering me so I went ahead with it anyway as a way of exploring the nature of reality.

I had been kept under the supervison of the State’s Mental Health authorities since the 2008 episode and they continually threatened me to send me to the mental hospital for a third relapse of persistent delusional disorder and paranoid schizophrenia as they described my mental states to be on a sequential basis, so had to have my intelligence for which the state of paranoia was helping me with the moment by moment decisions to thwart the authorities so I could continue with my dharmayudha to protect my reputation in this world. I had to survive for I did not want to be a loser in the battle of life, and I had to test out what my mission was if there was indeed a mission that God had come to me to assist me with.

And today, at 12.24 pm, 19 October 2021, I am free, as I have not received any phone calls from agents of the State, nor any significant emails to prod me into action again.

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