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The Evolution of Politeness

The Evolution of Politeness

Civility pays. The rationale for my suggestion that only losers engage in a tone of voice that is insulting, abusive or displays uncontrolled vulgarity. People who swear and use bad language cut off their own opportunities in life, the opportunity that comes from people wishing to talk to the person. This is because the vast majority of human beings have evolved to be polite and civil in all corners of the globe. Being dignified in ones personal relationships is the basis of human progress. It truly is an evolutionary development of mankind biologically in order that the species gets together and charts a promising future for mankind.

Those people who are hot headed and jump to swear and insulting words should bear in mind that people take notice of such antisocial utterances and they have a counterproductive effect on ones own future. To take a simple case: if you were a salesman would you use such words when you try and sell a car to a potential customer? Clearly not, as customers will run a mile from anyone who uses that kind of language and abuses and insults people. Being able to swear, insult and abuse in an Internet website and in all other aspects of ones interactions with humanity may be seen as being ‘macho’ by the individual, but for these reasons it is nothing short of being borne of fundamental ignorance. It must be a symptom of bad upbringing, as no one has taught these people that civility pays to the individual and to the society at large. One should therefore try and find better ways of expressing oneself than swearing and being abusive in order to deal with one’s frustrations otherwise such people will only be displaying their inadequacy of upbringing and education in terms of the development of vocabulary and interpersonal skills. If people resort to foul language to get their message across rather than explicity argue the merits of a point of view in civil language they are not doing themselves favours of any kind whatsoever. They are the losers in every way.

The development of politeness in human beings was an evoutionary phenomenon designed to strenghthen human relationships which was essential for common prosperity and therefore the propagation of the species as a social animal. Accordingly, bad language, abuses and insults are simply for losers; and society loses as a result. So let us cut it out.

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