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I loved it when I heard someone say that my life-experience is my classroom: very original and accurate. As for me I failed in my jobs but found a new way of redesigning and transforming myself so that I had no fear of failure for I developed the idea not to have any ambitions, plans, objectives, attachments, hopes, anticipations, expectations, desires and ego. This experiment that I was led to from successive failures found that fortune of different kinds than what one plans has come my way and these are way beyond what I could have designed for myself as an ambition or a mission. It was a case of learning from life-experiences and leaving no stone unturned to go where life takes you for opportunities to better oneself always exist and it is a question of what one selects to act upon that determines whether one is making something meaningful of one's life. I am taking here about how the mind needs to be free and in full liberty to rationalise unhindered one’s chances in life and this has led me to write my autobiography 16 Sections, entitled 'The Allurement of Reality' which is widely disseminated. For knowledge is the key to success, and one learns only when one is free of the baggage of societal brainwashing to move from other people’s agenda to one’s one's own in the libertarian spirit altogether.

Failures are stressful, they are costly, and they come to dead ends whereas in the libertarian spirit the whole universe is your oyster, the sky is the limit of what a person can attain. So, the crucial thing is not to serve anyone whether through business ventures like the vast majority of humanity is engrossed in but to serve oneself in acquiring knowledge and working on it until pristine truth comes to mind. If one is fortunate enough to have been led to this course of life (I was a man in a hurry to learn) new horizons emerge from nowhere and new opportunities for material betterment come with them. There are so many opportunities, and selection from among them is a hit and miss adventure so one is not fulfilled in any durable manner and one is consequently depressed. So, the motto is have no plans but be alert to every new opportunity to learn and contribute so that people take interest in your knowledge and call upon you to assist them with your work. Once one has enough to live on with home comforts, be jolly and cheerful and look forward to the next opportunity to better yourself. There will be no Failures then for there is nothing to fail on. I hope humanity gets my drift.

When we talk about Vedanta, one should bear in mind that there are two major strands of Vedanta. Brahmo-advaita Vedanta and Vishista-advaita Vedanta. Brahmo-advaita Vedanta is for those people who have no dharma in terms of duties and responsibilities in the material world, no families to support, spending their lives in sanyass in ashrams. There is absolutely nothing wrong about that. We need it for accurate guidance of the people of the Hindu religion. As many noted gurus have given us a lot of very useful advice that uphold Hindu shastras, and talk about Brahman the Supreme Self abound, which is correct in as far as a sanyassi is concerned. But Ramakrishna himself had taken it further in having had communion with the Divine Entity and Vivekavaniji has spoken very eloquently about that. I have no problems with comprehending Brahmo-advaita Vedanta for which the Yogashastras that alerts us to adopt is very pertinent. But Vishista-advaita Vednata is for the householder with duties and responsibilities; to raise a family, to live to assist our elder generation in their old age, to teach the young on what is the essence of life in terms of dharma. Dharma is central to Hinduism for the common man and woman, for which one must engage in dharmayudha. One has to battle against the elements of Brahma-Nature (Prakriti) to survive, and pure survival is not enough; one has to survive in dignity as a Ram for which He is known as Maryada Purushottam Bhagwan Ram. In Vishista-advaita Vedanta truth is of the essence as it is for Brahmo-advaita Vedanta but truth serves a different objective. One comes off the self-surrender to God Sri Krishna to concentrate on the mundane matters of life and death, one comes off Brahman-the Supreme Self also, as Consciousness too is for the sanyasi. In Vishista-advaita Vedanta, one occupies at the centre of the sphere of Reality, equidistant from all horizons at the periphery of Reality. It is the sure way in which the truth of our dharma is made clear to us as ordained by Sri Krishna our Lord the Ultimate Sadhguru. Read more here on how my personal journey went:

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