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It is interesting that some talk about rewiring one’s brain to understand Reality. I hope they know what they are getting yourself into. Personally, I have been studying external and internal reality that together constitutes 'the Reality' for the past 24 years. For the external reality one uses ones brains, the memory cells that may be programmed or should I say brainwashed from one's upbringing and education so it is blinkered into what it wants to see as the external world and not what it truly is. To understand what the external world truly is one needs to adopt an experimental technique of scholarship in which one conducts truth-accommodational pursuits in always being prepared to shed off past learnings, buccaneer the truth through truth probes and accept the new reality that emerges. So the first rule is do not be attached to beliefs, always rationalise the external reality to see if working in accordance with the perception pays dividends. When one does this one arrives at a comprehension of the external reality and develops ideals on how the external reality needs to be accommodated within one's life structure.

That is the external reality. The brains are sufficient for this purpose in what I call the somatic mind. Now we can talk about the internal reality, that is what is left of one's thought generating process in the cerebellum after we shed the remainder of our bodily functionality, such as aims, objectives, missions, anticipations, expectations, wishes, hopes, ego and desires. When we do this we find that the mind is still capable of rationalising what is going on in the external reality, so we are now operating at the level of the Supermind as distinct to the somatic mind that deals with bodily functions relating to the external reality. Have you experienced the Supermind. It is fantastic. It enables a person to act nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly in all one's moment by moment actions and these actions are perfect in securing one’s material and mental comforts in terms income from the external reality and mental peace of mind from internal reality.

How does this work, some would no doubt ask. It is like this. When one has shed off all one's attachments to the external reality incorporating ones body physical, one's Supermind is at play and this Supermind than is free of the baggage from the brainwashing of the somatic mind that led to acting in the material world in one's day to day activities in hit and miss objectives and missions none of which will ever be accomplished because all the objectives that is attained does not yield peace of mind. The Supermind being free of the baggage is floating in the internal Reality and pristine truth and knowledge descends in our thoughts making our actions based on it perfect. This is the basis of Spirituality.

So the moral of this exposition of the Reality is treat the external reality as an illusion and focus on the internal Reality as the source of all knowlege and information concerning the universe. Then alone one cannot go wrong.


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