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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

978-1-915132-39-0 : THE WORLD SERVING NATURE. The Book sets up a new aim established by the author as his personal mission for the rest of his life. He intends to work for the nurturing and conservation of Nature as the only guiding basis for his actions. The book started being written on the 7 November 2021 after the completion of his studies on the Nature of Reality and the role of human beings within that Nature. It argues for a coordinated strategy of such a holistic approach that humans should consider themselves to be an intrinsic part of Nature such that it has duties and responsibilities to Nature. That can only be to serve Nature in order to nurture Nature and keep it smiling at us. Serving Nature for Nature to serve the World: the Balance. I have a world-serving nature. I serve to please. Service with a smile.

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