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How Democratic is Your Country

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has entered its sixth day and war is intensifying. When will the war with its 500000 refugees thus far from Ukraine into its western neighbouring countries end. There is no common ground on which to base peace talks. This is because Ukraine had been developing into a Police State itself and there was only a thinly-veiled nationalism in this country. How free and fair were its last general elections. How did the government of Zelensky treat the ethnic minorities of Russian speaking Doneisk, Luhansk, and Crimea for another aspect of its democracy.

Territorial integrities come and go through history as new communities arise and grow to the level that they are self-sufficient in themselves and so dessrve self-government on the overriding principle of self-determination. Only then such cultural entities can become effective democracies.

The United Nations is morally bankrupt if it tolerates ethnic cleansing. Far more appropriate is a policy such as that which emanated in the break up of Yugoslavia and Czeckhoslavakia. The United Nations must recognise culturally distinct communities of people or what will happen is that a major power will come along and destroy the emerging human communities that form part of the evolution of species and which thereby have been healthy natural developments in the history of mankind untill weapons of mass destruction came along in the Europe and America generating wars. Such wars kill and destroy Nature in its human life an also threaten the existence of the countries that the resulting refugees seek asylum in culturally, for it takes on average a whole generation to integrate and naturalise in the foreign countries then hosting them. These fundamentals of Human Biology, if appreciated, would prevent wars from ever starting in the first place and will lead to the natural evolution of democracies the world over instead of the top-down social engineering that has been taking place in recent history.

As the United Nation has gone into emergency session for the 10 time in its history to debate another major conflict it is much more concerned about its structure, funding, functionality and indeed its survival as any kind of supervisory authority because the leaders of the world do not understand human nature. The economic sanctions approach against Russia will intensify the conflict and could drag in China and India to assist Russia in a World War again.

My point is stop such tit-for-tat retaliations and remove the veto power of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council by a Resolution in the General Assembly of the United Nations now before it is too late to do anything about wars in human societies.


19.24 pm (UK-Time) 28 February 2022

To: The General Assembly of the United Nations

Why the Permanent Members of the Security Council should be stripped of their veto powers

Why is this important?

We need to stop wars and create a global environment that would facilitate the natural evolution of the human species to its final destination of the utopian democracy for all inhabitants of the planet Earth.

How it will be delivered

Norway member of the United Nations


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