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Knowledge for World Conservation

This is surely an ambitious project, I admit, but what better to set a target for oneself than see if we can save the planet Earth and its inhabitants in an environmentally sustainable manner going forwards.

I am aware that things change and there is no blueprint for an utopian view of what we as human beings need to do to ensure that the Earth remains in pristine condition for the future. The way I see it we have had a good time on this Earth, some of us at least, and we need to make it so for others also as we comprehend Science and human nature, with the rest of the ecosystem of the planet.

This website takes over from investigations that I conducted over during my adulthood and indeed from an early childhood that I started publishing in scientific journals and as the age of the internet dawned on human civilisation, I turned to website formation to both investigate Nature and publish my findings.

Notable in these internet publications are two Blogs and and both of which are defunct now for one reason or another, that I do not wish to go over the substance of what I published are still there to be pondered over and a new horizon set to find what they mean in terms of the objective that I am setting myself this morning.

Thirty years ago I was looking through a bookshop contents and picked up a book by Bill Bryson 'The Theory of Everything', and thought well there is an interesting venture. So while I still live I wish to aspire to the same objective now that I am fully retired from employment and political engagements, as for example in my formation of The Conservative Libertarian Society at and its political offshoot .

I hope my readers will find the mission worthy of persual and interactions with me.

Yours sincerely

Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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