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Loyalty to one's State

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Loyalty to the State that one lives in in the immediate vicinity is synonymic component of Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

First immediate vicinity for a person is his family,then one' locality and finally the State that one lives in and which is supreme for it is the central government of the country and one must do as one is told in order to the need for having a fulfilled life. It is important to clarify how loyalty should therefore approached in what one does in one's life. I have spent 49 years as an immigrant trying to assimilate and naturalise into the Community at all levels because of my religion of living in harmony with Nature. I constructed the Conservative Libertarian Society ( Home | The Conservative Libertarian Society) and its political offshoot The Conservative Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom ( ). It is a year and a quarter months since these thoughts emerged in my mind on how to strive for a better future for not just the United Kingdom, but by extrapolation the entire world. This site Towards Knowledge for World Conservation contains all the materials the study of which would show that because I have been loyal I have survived tremendous upheavals in my adult life.

Loyalty to a State requires serving the most idealistic conception of society that one can personally strive for through dharmayudhic truth-accommodation.

I have generated factual information which have changed this society even within my lifetime and the books that I have written totalling 30 Sections under the theme 'Tjhe Allurememt of Reality' are available for all the people of the United Kingdom to consult as an encylcopaedia of the State of the Nation, and in that way it was a mission that I have accomplished to my satisfaction: The Allurement of Reality in 30 Sections (

It was service to the Nation of the United Kingdom that I had engaged in single-mindedly and within the limitations of the finances at my disposal.


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