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Normal Sexual Foreplay Encounters

Normal Sexual Foreplay Encounters

The considerations for ascertaining when it is acceptable for a man to seduce a woman into the mood for sex was discussed earlier, see:

In life disputes arise when women in particular feel that they have been molested or sexually harassed by a man. To determine the legality of human sexual relationships it is necessary to accept that sex can be a normal process that is initiated by one party or the other but that both parties have the right to stop it at any time once an advance made is found to be objectionable. This would not make the advance itself unlawful because without an advance by one party no act of sex will ever take place and theoretically the human species will go extinct let alone being allowed to replace itself and indeed to proliferate until such time that it has reached the desired optimal environmentally sustainable level.

There is therefore a case for treating certain forms of behaviour in both males and females as falling under the category of ‘Normal Sexual Foreplay Encounters’ from which men and women who do not wish to be subjected to it must opt out by displaying explicit behaviour that make their abhorrence to any kind of approach clear to the other party. The very fact of being a man and a woman gives the opposite party the right to initiate tentative propositions as a prelude to sex and this behaviour can range from delicate to clumsy passes and more explicit forms of sexual foreplay. Under the law men who get attracted to women and vice versa make their desires known to the other party through the use of these permissible verbal and tactile actions designed at stimulating the romantic or sexual interest of the other party. It is clear that some of that attempted stimulation will be futile and rejected by the other party. The law should clarify to all that such initiations will not be prosecuted as sexual harassment or pestering. This will legitimise the process of sexual moves as normal foreplay measures under which sexual activity takes place. If the initial moves are rejected by the other party with words and actions that are clear further display of sexual foreplay may become unlawful and the law will have to consider the circumstances to judge whether it will then be considered as being sexual harrassment, or in the extreme cases, as attempted rape and rape itself. Thus, the initial foreplay may succeed into romance or sexual intercourse depending on how the two parties respond to each other’s advances in terms of whether they could be stimulated into the mood for sexual intercourse of heterosexual friendship. The rejection does not then mean that the person also has recourse in law to destroy the reputation as a sex pervert by complaining of sexual harrassment or even impropriety for initiating the sexual foreplay. For those people opposed to all propositioning by the opposite sex they would be obliged to make this clear to the world by for example wearing a badge that displays this aspect of their biological status and needs; otherwise, initial sexual advances may still be made towards them as normal and proper human conduct that will not constitute pestering and harassment.

Thus under such a clarification of the law, explicit coaxing through words, touching in certain ways, kissing, and hugging would all be permitted without the other party being able to lodge a complaint with of sexual harrassment as they will constitute Normal Sexual Foreplay Encounters. These mild sexual advances are not sexual improprieties in civil or criminal law. The following case needs to be followed closely to see if there are different rules applying to criminal law and civil law in the area of Sexual Foreplay Encounters currently in the United Kingdom:

The 66-year-old MP, who denies the allegations, is now being sued for sexual assault by the woman, identified only as Annie, after police dropped her case due to a lack of evidence. She has claimed they engaged in a ten-month inappropriate relationship, during which he is accused of placing his hand on her breast, exposing himself and kissing her on many occasions without consent.

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