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Satya-advaita yoga: the scientific method for enquiry

Updated: Apr 10

In the quest to satisfy the need to know and unlock the secrets of the universe, satya-advaita yoga or the yoga of truth-accommodation is the only scientific method that one can adopt with its continual inner transformation of the mind and simultaneous knowledge distillation. The process is the ultimate in freethought and expression without fear of any contradiction for it is a steady approach and one writes one thoughts as one goes along the path of truth-search.

Satya-advaita yoga builds on extensive material knowledge from pure science based on research in the laboratory on the natural sciences and when this is exhausted and got nowwhere the mature mind looks inwards to see how the mind is working: Is it brainwashed into materialism so that there might be a spiritual dimension to existence? In my case I had visions, utterances and prophetic statements that were so unrealistic for a Pharmacologist to accept that I felt that a higher power might have been guiding me into a mission or warning me of dangers to my life and limb when I lost a cherished 18 year scientifiic career at the Natural Resources Institute and had published 35 odd scientific papers but was then found to have been blameworthy of gross misconduct in the workplace in my view unfairly. The quest for knowledge took a sharp turn when I decided to uncover the truth of how the State of the United Kingdom manifests itself in its legal and medical establishments. I tried to communicate with the imagined Personal God within who might have been awakening me into higher things from the 'noddy' work of poultry nutrition and animal and environmental sciences, but it only landed me in the mental hospital in 2004, and caused me severe depression for years. So I became an atheist for my riches to rags story in pondering how and why that could have been a God to guide me in my material struggle to restore my reputation.

The thirst for knowledge was very strong notwithstanding and I engaged in a battle for survival in the Police State of the United Kingdom, which lead to a second spell in the mental hospital in 2008. The possibility of a God within would not go away as I was still looking upwards for divine intervention and protection but this was a major setback for I had lost my freedom for the second time and I was then determined to become totally independent of the higher power and study the humanities and religions afresh to determine the nature of the inner reality contained in my mind on a day to day basis. The perceived God had not given me any concrete proof that He or she existed so that I could proclaim to the world that God existed either as Creator God or a Personal God.

From 2010 while doing menial jobs to earn some kind of living I was determined to stay out of the mental hospital or to get booted out of the United Kingdom or get sent to a prison for my legal proceedings undertaken that were examining the Constitution of the State to learn about the material realities of humanology, unwritten as the United Kingdom's Constitution was and still is. Warfare followed with the State and lasted right until this weekend, the 19 of June 2022. I had written 55 books of my autobiography in the finest detail and created numerous websites to publish legal and scientific materials that gave me a purpose in live and had brought me out of depression that followed the mental hospital incarcerations. I was gong to stay put in the United Kingdom with my family intact come what may and this is when I learnt to get the best out of myself to stave off dangers to my material prospects by controlling my mind: I survived in the United Kingdom.

All this struggle for survival are due to the fact that I discovered the science of satya-advaita yoga from personal experimentation that also revealed the truth of who I was and who we all are potentially.

Today I am an atheist and attribute all my early visions, utterances and prophetic statements to how the human mind works as generated by the brain and what we make of dreams and sayings on reflection is a personal interpretation as they can be ptentially considerably delusional. I was classified in the mental hospital as suffering from persistent delusional disorder and this diagnosis was retained for years after I was released from the mental hospital in 2008 and kept in the Care in the Community provisions of the State. But all along the need to know had not been satisfied and I was determined that the yoga had to be continued for I reasoned that I only had one life and this was the best use to put it to. I learnt how to survive paranoid schizophrenia brought on from from having to cope with intense persecution, by losing all my attachments to material matters, beliefs, objectives, missions, plans, wishes, hopes, ambitions, expectations, desires and ego. It took a long time for me to know enough of how the mind works to discount the Bhagavad Gita as being a work of fiction based on a mythological story but which had led me and so others into what is generally pursued by Hindus in India as the word of God. The same is true of all other 'holy' books of established religions I deduced. By losing my attachments as a purely yogic exercise of inner transformation I sharpened my awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of dealing with national and international criminals who persecuted me over the past 24 years. Losing all the attachments led to finding my true nature free of the body-brain-mind complex that is called one's higher Self, and that state gives one the perfect actions to live in the most productive manner possible in the material world. I became mindless.

Given that we have a universe that maintains itsef and goes its own way in a chaotic manner, my actions were also chatotic in nature for I never now knew what I am going to do next, even the next moment, what I will write or say. My faith that whatever I did or howsoever I reacted to stimuli would preserve me. I know is that the the Self state of oneself equates to the entity that is the universe as the Ultimate Reality to accommodate as an advaitist and so what many Hindus call Brahman and the Self are one and the same thing. So I am Brahman, with no mind of my own free, from birth, death, needs, of any kind.

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